sabato 28 luglio 2012

Let the Games commence

"The beating heart of the nation. Londinium to the Romans. Lundenwic to the Saxons. Lundenburg to Alfred the Great. But to all generations since: London. Our London of today. 

London has known suffering…But London always rises again. London is a monument; to the hard times, to the good. Celebration of what we have been, what we are today. London. Our heart, and our sinews, and our voice. Poetry, and prose. People, and places.

London now throws open its doors to a new theatre of dreams. 
A city in waiting. A city on the move; humans on the move. The Fascination with making the next step faster higher, stronger, and putting the fastest and the strongest to the test.

This… is London of the Olympic Games. And since this is our heart and our voice, London must feel and speak of romance, of love. London is ready- so take a deep breath…But not for long, for London is about to cry out… with heart and soul!

Let the games commence."

(Benedict Cumberbatch - Opening the BBC Coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games)

When your favourite actor celebrates your favourite City in all its glory and your heart just stops for 3 minutes and 28 seconds. 
So proud of you Sir.

2 commenti:

  1. Perfetto, mi sono accorta all'ennesima revisione che nella presentazione si nascondeva UPON WESTMINSTER BRIDGE di WILLIAM WORDSWORTH. Now I love it ever more...<3

  2. Benedict clearly loves Wordsworth...:


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