lunedì 16 maggio 2011

the death of Queen Jane

Queen Jane lay in labour full six days or more,
Till the women grew weary and the midwives gave o'er.
They sent for King Henry to come with great speed
To be with Queen Jane in her hour of need

King Henry came to her and sat by her bedside
Saying "What ails thee my Jeannie? What ails thee my bride?"
"O Henry O Henry do this one thing for me
Rip open my right side and find my baby"

"O Jeannie, O Jeannie that never will do
It would lease thy sweet life and thy young baby too"
She wept and she wailed and she fell into a swoon
They opened her right side and her baby was found

Well the baby was christened the very next day
While his poor dead mother a mouldering lay
Six men went before her and four more travelled on
While loyal King Henry stood mourning alone

He wept and he wailed until he was sore
Saying "The flower of all England will flourish no more"
He sat by the river with his head in his hands
Saying "My merry England's a sorrowful land

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  1. ciao e piacere di conoscere te ed il tuo blog :)
    grazie della tua visita sul mio blog
    a presto...

  2. Ho visto qualche puntata dei Tudors in tv e mi è piaciuta molto! Bel post!
    Glamour Marmalade


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