giovedì 16 dicembre 2010

Jane's gift

"Mme. Bigeon: My friend in Paris has read a wonderful new book called 'Raison and Sensibilite'
Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility?
Mme. Bigeon: My friend says, whoever the woman is who wrote this book, she knows more about love than anyone else in the world .
Jane Austen: Like someone who can't cook writing a recipe book .
Mme. Bigeon: Passion is for the young. It fades so quickly.
Jane Austen: Not in our dreams .
Mme. Bigeon: Comfort remains, friendship remains, if you are lucky as I was.
Jane Austen: Happiness in marriage remains a matter of chance .
Mme. Bigeon: But the fuss we make about who to choose. And love still dies and money still vanishes. And, spinster, lover, wife, every woman has regrets. So we read about your heroines and feel young again. And in love. And full of hope. As if we can make that choice again.
Jane Austen: And do it right this time .
Mme. Bigeon: This is the gift which God has given you.
Mme. Bigeon: It is enough, I think . "
(from Miss Austen regrets , bbc )

Happy birthday Ms Austen!

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