venerdì 24 dicembre 2010

Empty hands

"Jo:Someone's publishing my book! Hanna! Someone's publishing my book. How did it arrive?
Hanna:A foreign gentleman brought it. Strange kind of name... "Fox" or "Bear"...
Jo:- Did you ask him to wait?
Hanna:I thought it was one of Miss Amy's European friends... I said Miss March and Mr. Laurie
are living next door. He said he had a train to catch.
Jo:Friedrich ! Thank you for my book. When I didn't hear from you I thought you hated it.
Friedrich:oh no ,no.Reading it was like opening a window to your heart . James Fields took it out of my hands and would not give it back. I said , Such news I have to give to her myself . Well, it was a silly impulse.
Jo:- No, not silly at all. It's so good to see you.
Jo:Come and meet my family!
Friedrich:Thank you, but I have to catch a train. I'm going to the West. My ship leaves from Boston tomorrow morning. The schools in the West are young. They need professors, and... ...they're not concerned about the accent.
Jo:I don't mind it, either. My aunt left me Plumfield. It isn't a fieldIt's a house.It's a rather large house. All it's good for everything such a school . And I want a good school . One that's open to anyone who wants to learn. I'll be needing someone who knows how to teach. there's nothing I might say to keep you here ?
Friedrich : I confess... I was hoping I might have a reason to stay, but... Congratulations on the celebration of your marriage.
Jo : Oh, no! That's Amy. My sister, Amy, and Laurie actually. I'm not married !Please don't go so far away.
Friedrich : Jo... Such a little name for... such a person. Will you have me?
Jo : With all of my heart.
Friedrich : But I have nothing to give you . My hands are empty.
Jo: not empty now.

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