venerdì 10 settembre 2010

Memories of London

Beefeater poem
"My active service is complete,
Yet still a role to play
Serving Queen and country
At the Tower where I stay.

I join the Guards with keys in hand
Each night at "witching hour"
I keep the ravens black as space,
Guardians of the Tower.
Yes I am a Yeoman Warder
And bearly can contain
The pride with which I serve
my Queen
And England once again.

I am a serving Yeoman Warder
Or Beefeater it is true
I'm honoured by the post I hold
And proud to inform you
Of history within the Tower
Of London and the fate
Of kings and queens and rebels
Who passed through Traitors' Gate.

My uniform is quite unique,
Upon my coat a crown.
A buckled belt and hatted head
Tradition handed down."

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