martedì 4 gennaio 2011

A father's love

" you must know that the fundamental building block of our society... is the family... whose very model is the Holy family... Jesus, Mary and Joseph . How can you , as a single father and as a Catholic ... possibly claim to bring up your children without a mother ? There is absolutely no precedent for it ... in the religion in which you allegedly believe . Cat got your tongue ... Mr. Doyle?
Desmond Doyle : There is....There is a precedent, as you'd like to call it . What are you saying? The fundamental building block of our faith is not the Holy family... it's the Holy Trinity.The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit . When my mother died ... my father brought us up on his own ... with only the Holy Spirit to guide him . He used to say the Holy Spirit was love . Doesn't the Holy Bible say,''... faith, hope and love ... ''but the greatest of these is love''. l've given up the drink . l've worked all the hours God sends . l've become a better person to try and fill myself with the Holy Spirit ... so l can bring my kids up surrounded by love . That's all l can do . No man can do more . "

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